# Datawiza Cloud Management Console Configuration

# Preview

In this section, we will show you how to create an application on the Datawiza Cloud Management Console (DCMC) and generate a pair of PROVISIONING_KEY and PROVISIONING_SECRET for this app. This keypair is used in order for the Datawiza Access Broker to get the latest configurations and policies from the Datawiza Cloud Management Console.

# Sign Into DCMC

  1. Log into DCMC (Need DCMC user name and password? contact us at info@datawiza.com).

Log Into DCMC

# Create New Deployment In DCMC

Welcome to the DCMC homepage! Let's get started:

  1. Click the orange button + Create Deployment. Specify a Name and a Description, and click Next.

New deployment

# Provisioning Keys

  1. Create your set of provisioning keys. This enables the DCMC to verify the DAB's authenticity. Specify a Key Name and set the Expires field to be 1 month later.

Provisioning Key

# IdP Configuration

  1. Choose your Identity Provider from the drop down menu.
  • Azure

Populate the fields of the form with the keys/values obtained from IdP Configuration Guide: Microsoft Azure AD. Choose Azure IdP

  • Okta

Populate the fields of the form with the keys/values obtained from IdP Configuration Guide: Okta. Choose Okta IdP

# Add Application

Configure your application with the following values:

  1. App Name: Demo App
  2. Public Domain: http://localhost:9772
  3. Upstream Servers: http://host.docker.internal:3001
  4. Then click Create.

Note that upstream sever is the address of the application that you want to enable SSO.

  • If you use the DAB in sidecar mode and your application is running on localhost:3001 on Mac or Windows, then set upstream server to host.docker.internal:3001 (Docker 18.03+).
  • If your application is running on Linux, use ip addr show docker0 to get docker host IP (e.g., and then set upstream server to (see this for more details).

Create app in DCMC Azure

# Note Down Provisioning Keys

Note down your PROVISIONING_KEY and PROVISIONING_SECRET. We will need these values later when deploying the DAB. Below, you will also find a sample docker-compose file provided for you. Feel free to use this, or if you are looking for Kubernetes-specific instructions, visit Deploy DAB with Kubernetes.

Obtain Provisioning Key

# Summary

We have shown you how to create a deployment and an application on the DCMC and generate a Provisioning Keypair for our app.