# Add SSL Certificates to Your Domain

Certificates, TLS, HTTPS play a vital role in zero-trust networks. And how about your website? You can have a security check. Since we aim to provide a scalable way to enable a Zero Trust architecture, the Datawiza Access Broker (DAB) supports SSL. All you need to do is configuring the Datawiza Cloud Management Console (DCMC):

# DCMC SSL Configuration

  1. Certificate Configuration: Select Advanced tab in your application page: Config SSL Open SSL and select Cert Type: Config SSL We provide a self-signed certificate for localhost. It can be used for testing purposes. Config SSL Optionally, you can choose to upload your own certificate from a file: Config SSL Config SSL Click Save.

  2. General Configuration: Select General from the application page and change the Public Domain to https://localhost:9772, Listen Port to 9772. Then click Save: Config General

  3. Try it Out! Let's visit https://localhost:9772 and login. There will be a page to show Your connection is not private. It is because because we are using a self-signed cert created by mkcert for testing purposes: Visit localhost We can now see our certificate working in action.: Visit localhost