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What is Datawiza Access Proxy?

Datawiza Access Proxy is a distributed, lightweight, container-based Identity Aware proxy deployed close to your application via the sidecar or standalone mode. It provides a unified authentication and authorization layer, decoupled from the application itself. As a container, it can be deployed on-premise and in the cloud as long as the environment supports Docker containers.

What can I do with Datawiza Access Proxy?

  • Enable SSO (Single Sign On) with Identity Provider (e.g. Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), Okta) automatically.
  • Enable a fine-grained URL-level access control based on user's attributes and context.
  • Enable remote work with or without a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Manage the access control policy and other configurations via a centralized cloud manage console.
  • Retire legacy IAM (Identity and Access Management) gateways or WAM (Web Access Management) solutions.

What are the benefits of Datawiza Access Proxy?

  • Reduce engineering costs. Developers don't need to 1) write SSO integration code, and 2) implement disparate per-application access control.
  • Simplify operation and management. DevOps and admins don't have to manage the access control policies scattered in hybrid, multi-cloud environments, but via a unified console.
  • Harden application security posture. Datawiza Access Proxy easily puts authentication/authorization in front of all your applications to enable a Zero Trust architecture.

How Datawiza Access Proxy is different from legacy IAM gateways or WAM solutions?

  • Legacy IAM gateways or WAM solutions are usually managed by a local Web UI. With the trend of adopting multi-cloud, you have applications on premise, in AWS, GCP, and Azure, then you have to manage/operate your authentication/authorization in each of sub-networks of these environments separately.
  • Legacy IAM gateways or WAM solutions are usually Virtual Machine (VM) or hardware appliance based. They are very difficult to be automated and auto-scaled. With enterprises moving to DevOps, Datawiza's cloud-native container-based solution is much more friendly.

What is Datawiza Cloud Management Console

The Datawiza Cloud Management Console (DCMC) serves as a centralized platform for administrators to manage the configurations of Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP) and its access control policies. Whether DAP instances are deployed in cloud environments such as AWS, GCP, Azure, or on-premises, all of them can be managed through the single DCMC.

The DCMC provides a user-friendly web-based UI and RESTful APIs, allowing administrators to efficiently and securely manage the settings and policies of multiple DAP instances from a central location. This centralized management approach simplifies administration, enhances efficiency, and ensures consistent configuration and security across all DAP deployments.


To summarize, Datawiza Access Proxy provides a scalable way to enable a Zero Trust architecture for applications by putting authentication and authorization in front of apps. It's a solution supporting you both today and in the future no matter whether you are working with legacy applications or developing new micro-services or APIs on premise or in the cloud.