# Overview

# What is Datawiza Access Broker?

Datawiza Access Broker is a distributed, lightweight, container-based Identity Aware proxy deployed close to your application via the sidecar or standalone mode. It provides a unified authentication and authorization layer, decoupled from the application itself. As a container, it can be deployed on-premise and in the cloud as long as the environment supports Docker containers.

# What can I do with Datawiza Access Broker?

  • Enable SSO (Single Sign On) with Identity Provider (e.g. Azure AD, Okta) automatically.
  • Enable a fine-grained URL-level access control based on user's attributes and context.
  • Enable remote work with or without a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Manage the access control policy and other configurations via a centralized cloud manage console.
  • Retire legacy IAM (Identity and Access Management) gateways or WAM (Web Access Management) solutions.

# What are the benefits of Datawiza Access Broker?

  • Reduce engineering costs. Developers don't need to 1) write SSO integration code, and 2) implement disparate per-application access control.
  • Simplify operation and management. DevOps and admins don't have to manage the access control policies scattered in hybrid, multi-cloud environments, but via a unified console.
  • Harden application security posture. Datawiza Access Broker easily puts authentication/authorization in front of all your applications to enable a Zero Trust architecture.

# How Datawiza Access Broker is different from legacy IAM gateways or WAM solutions?

  • Legacy IAM gateways or WAM solutions are usually managed by a local Web UI. With the trend of adopting multi-cloud, you have applications on premise, in AWS, GCP, and Azure, then you have to manage/operate your authentication/authorization in each of sub-networks of these environments separately.
  • Legacy IAM gateways or WAM solutions are usually Virtual Machine (VM) or hardware appliance based. They are very difficult to be automated and auto-scaled. With enterprises moving to DevOps, Datawiza's cloud-native container-based solution is much more friendly.

# Summary

To summarize, Datawiza Access Broker provides a scalable way to enable a Zero Trust architecture for applications by putting authentication and authorization in front of apps. It's a solution supporting you both today and in the future no matter whether you are working with legacy applications or developing new micro-services or APIs on premise or in the cloud.