# Auth0 Configuration

This session shows how to register a Web application on the Auth0 manage console. When registering the application, we are getting the following three values that are needed for later configuration in Datawiza Cloud Management Console (DCMC):

  • Domain
  • Client Id
  • Client Secret

# Add new application

  1. Create a new application. When performing this step, make sure to login to your account on Auth0. Visit the link here to create a developer account. Auth0 Create App

  2. Enter the application name and choose Regular Web Applications, then click CREATE. Auth0 Web Platform

# Create your Auth0 application

  1. Select settings tab and fill out the form. Follow the steps below:
  • Allowed Callback URLs: e.g., http://localhost:9772/authorization-code/callback
  • Allowed Logout URLs: e.g., http://localhost:9772
  • Others remain default settings
  • Then click SAVE CHANGES Auth0 Config

# Auth0 Domain, Client ID and Client Secret

  1. On the same page, make sure to save a copy of Domain, Client ID and Client secret. You will need these three values later when establishing the connection. Auth0 Get Client ID

# Authorized API for application

  1. Choose APIs and there will be a default API used to get user info. Please be aware of the API Audience. Auth0 API Audience is used by the Datawiza Access Broker (DAB) to get user information, especially for those customized user attributes. Get Auth0 API Token Select Machine to Machine Applications tab and authorize the application we created in Step 2. Get Auth0 API Token Enable the Select all: All option for our Permissions. Get Auth0 API Token

# Create Users and Roles

  1. Choose Users under Users & Roles and create a test user. Create Auth0 User Create Auth0 User Choose Roles and create a test role. Create Auth0 Role Create Auth0 Role Add user to the role. Assign Auth0 Role Assign Auth0 Role

# Update user info by API(Optional)

  1. Some user attributes cannot be updated by Auth0 manage console. We will use API to update user's family name and given name. Get the API token: Get Auth0 API Token Get the user id from Details tab in Users page: Get Auth0 user id Scroll down: Get Auth0 user id Update the user info by Auth0 management API. Set the API TOKEN, user id and body: Set Auth0 API Click button TRY and check the response code, which should be 200: Auth0 response

# Summary

We have shown how to register a web application on Auth0. Please make sure to save the following three values for later setting in Datawiza Cloud Management Console.

  • Domain
  • Client Id
  • Client Secret

# Reference

Auth0 Dashboard