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Upgrade Datawiza Access Proxy (Docker)

This document shows you how to upgrade Datawiza Access Proxyopen in new window instances in a Dockeropen in new window environment.

First, I assume you have started the Datawiza Access Proxy with a command similar to below:

docker-compose -f {DOCKER-COMPOSE-FILE}.yml up -d

To upgrade that instance, you will need to:

  1. Go to (e.g., SSH) the host running Datawiza Access Proxy;

  2. (Optional) Check your Docker process if needed to confirm the process is there:
    a. docker ps

  3. Stop the existing docker process:
    a. docker-compose -f {DOCKER-COMPOSE-FILE}.yml down -v

  4. (Optional) If you haven’t logged in to our docker registry, please do the following.
    NOTE: We may update our docker registry login password or credential from time to time. So if you fail to log in, please contact us to obtain the latest credential.
    a. docker login -u datawiza-deploy-token -p ************ You can retrieve the password from Guideline of Deployment Detail in DCMC:: docker login

  5. Now pull the latest Access Proxy image from Datawiza docker image repository:
    a. docker pull

  6. (Optional) Normally you won’t need this since you already have a working docker-compose YML file.
    NOTE: However, since we have our docker image hosted in different registries, if you switch to a different registry during above “docker pull”, you will need to update your docker-compose file content, particularly the “services.datawiza-access-proxy.image” field to match the registry you used, as highlighted in the screenshot below. image

  7. Now bring up docker container again:
    a. docker-compose -f {DOCKER-COMPOSE-FILE}.yml up -d

You can also put the above steps into an Ansible playbook or any other similar DevOps playbooks.