# Upgrade Datawiza Access Broker (Docker)

This document shows you how to upgrade Datawiza Access Broker instances in a Docker environment.

First, I assume you have started the Datawiza Access Broker with a command similar to below:

docker-compose -f {DOCKER-COMPOSE-FILE}.yml up -d

To upgrade that instance, you will need to:

  1. Go to (e.g., SSH) the host running Datawiza Access Broker;

  2. (Optional) Check your Docker process if needed to confirm the process is there:
    a. docker ps

  3. Stop the existing docker process:
    a. docker-compose -f {DOCKER-COMPOSE-FILE}.yml down -v

  4. (Optional) If you haven’t logged in to our docker registry, please do the following.
    NOTE: We may update our docker registry login password or credential from time to time. So if you fail to log in, please contact us info@datawiza.com to obtain the latest credential.
    a. docker login --username=docker_deploy_user@yuntiandun registry.us-west-1.aliyuncs.com -p fdsp3222

  5. Now pull the latest Access Broker image from Datawiza docker image repository:
    a. docker pull registry.us-west-1.aliyuncs.com/yuntiandun/access-broker:latest

  6. (Optional) Normally you won’t need this since you already have a working docker-compose YML file.
    NOTE: However, since we have our docker image hosted in different registries, if you switch to a different registry during above “docker pull”, you will need to update your docker-compose file content, particularly the “services.datawiza-access-broker.image” field to match the registry you used, as highlighted in the screenshot below. image

  7. Now bring up docker container again:
    a. docker-compose -f {DOCKER-COMPOSE-FILE}.yml up -d

You can also put the above steps into an Ansible playbook or any other similar DevOps playbooks.