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About 1 min

PingOne Configuration

This session shows how to register an OIDC Web application on the PingOne admin console. When registering the application, we are getting the following values that are needed for later configuration in Datawiza Cloud Management Console (DCMC):

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Issuer

Add new application

First of all, make sure to login to your account on PingOne. Visit the link hereopen in new window to create a developer account.

  1. Select the environment. We use the default Administrators environment as the example: PingOne Select Environment

  2. Create a new application. Select Applications in Connections. Click the + button to add the application. Select OIDC Web App as application type then click Save: PingOne Application

  3. After creating the application successfully, select the Configuration tab, click edit: PingOne Application

  4. Input the Redirect URLs. It should be http://localhost:9772/datawiza/authorization-code/callback. And input the Signoff URLs, it should be http://localhost:9772 for our testing purposes. Click Save: PingOne Application

  5. Note down the Issuer, Client ID and Client Secret: PingOne Application

  6. Select Resources tab, click edit: PingOne Application

  7. Add required scopes. Click Save: PingOne Application

Now, we have successfully created an OIDC web application. By default, user access to this application is disabled. Click to enable. PingOne Application

Users and Groups

After creating the application successfully, we need to add some users and groups for testing purposes.


  1. Select Users in Identities, click Add User: PingOne Users

  2. Input some basic information about the user and click Save. PingOne Users

  3. Click Reset Password and create a one time password: PingOne Users

Groups (Optional)

  1. Select Groups and click the + button to add a test group. Input the Group Name and click Save: PingOne Groups

  2. Select Users, click Add Users Individually: PingOne Groups

  3. Select the test user we created and click Save: PingOne Groups


We have shown how to register a web application on PingOne. Please make sure to save the following values for later setting in Datawiza Cloud Management Console.

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Issuer


Getting started with PingOneopen in new window