# G Suite Configuration

This session shows how to configure group, user and role in G Suite.

# Prerequisite

We assume that you already have a OAuth consent screen and Credential created. If not, you can reference Google for help. Please make sure you save the Client ID and Client Secret.
Notice that we need to turn OAuth consent screen to Internal. In this mode, your app is limited to G Suite users within your organization.

# Create Groups and Users

1.Create a Group
Go to Google Admin console. Select Group: Gsuite Create Group
Click Create group: Gsuite Create Group
Input basic information and click Next: Gsuite Create Group
keep the default value and click CREATE GROUP: Gsuite Create Group

2.Create a User
Back to Google Admin console homepage and select Users:
Gsuite Create User
Click Add new user and input basic information, then click ADD NEW USER: Gsuite Create User
Refresh the page and the new added user will be shown.

3.Add User to Group
Click Add to groups: Gsuite Add to Groups
Select the group and click ADD: Gsuite Add to Groups

# Assign Role to the user

1.Create Read Only Role
Select Admin roles in Google Admin console: Gsuite Create Role
Click Create new role: Gsuite Create Role
Input name and description(optional) of the role and click CONTINUE: Gsuite Create Role
Select privileges for the role. In the Admin API privileges table, select Read for Users and Groups, then click CONTINUE: Gsuite Create Role
Gsuite Create Role
Review the selected privileges and click CREATE ROLE:
Gsuite Create Role

2.Assign Role
Click ASSIGN ROLE: Gsuite Assign Role
Click Assign users: Gsuite Assign Role
Select the user and click ASSIGN ROLE Gsuite Assign Role

# Summary

We have shown how to create group, user and role on G Suite. Please make sure to save the following two values for later setting in Datawiza Cloud Management Console.

  • Client Id
  • Client Secret

# Reference

Use your Admin console