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About 1 min

Okta SAML Configuration

This session shows how to register a SAML application on the Okta developer console. When registering the application, we are getting the following value that is needed for later configuration in Datawiza Cloud Management Console (DCMC):

  • Metadata Url

App registration in Okta

  1. Create a new application. When performing this step, make sure to login to your developer account on Okta. Visit the link hereopen in new window to create a developer account. Okta SAML

  2. Choose SAML 2.0 as Sign-in method, then click Next. Okta SAML

  3. Input App name, then click Next. Okta SAML

  4. Set http://localhost:9772/saml/acs as Single sign on URL, and http://localhost:9772/saml/metadata as Audience URI (SP Entity ID). Okta SAML

  5. Scroll down to set Attribute Statements and Groups Attribute Statements, then click Next. Okta SAML

NameName formatValue
groupsUnspecifiedMatches regex .*
  1. Select I'm a software vendor. I'd like to integrate my app with Okta, then click Finish. Okta SAML

  2. Select Assignments tab and assign the App to the people/groups to which you want to allow access. Okta SAML

  3. Select Sign On tab and click View SAML setup instructions: Okta SAML Note down the App ID: Okta SAML And splice the Metadata Url according to this App ID:{appid}/sso/saml/metadata


We have shown how to register a SAML application on Okta. Please make sure to save the following value for later setting in DCMC.

  • Metadata Url