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Granular Access Control

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Granular Access Control

We provide a unified management console for customers to mange their access policies for apps deployed in scattered environments. For example, some applications are deployed in AWS, Azure Cloud, and some applications are deployed on premise. All of them can be managed by our Datawiza Cloud Management Console (DCMC).

You can configure access control to an application based on user's attributes (e.g., groups, department) and other metadata of a request (e.g., URL, IP, http method, access time) on DCMC.

For a particular http request trying to access the app, the configured rules are executed sequentially based on the priority numbers. The rule with a smaller priority number has higher priority.

A rule includes two parts: conditions and action. If the conditions of a request are met, then the action of the request is decided, either allow or deny. If none of the rules' conditions are met, the default action of all requests is taken, which can be configured as shown below. Default rule actionDefault rule action

Our rule is Resource Path oriented. It means that you define the access rules for a URL of your app. For example, you may want to set your default action to deny for all paths. But for the hr resource path, you want it to only be accessed by people in the hr group from 8AM to 5PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on IP section You can then configure as follows. Default rule action

The following table summarises the fields of rules.

Fields of RuleDescription
Rule NameA name for this specific rule
Resource PathChoose prefix or exact URI, and HTTP method
PriorityPositive integer only
Rule TypeProtected or Not Protected or Authorization
Rule DecisionAllow or Deny

Please be aware of Priority : Lower number indicates higher priority. 100 is highly recommended for your first rule configuration in order to add other rules with different priority levels.

The following table summarizes the conditions of rules.

User AttributeAttributes from IdP
IP SectionIP address
Date and timeServer time zone
GroupGroup name

For more knowledge and examples about DCMC rule configuration, you can see Datawiza Cloud Management Console Rules Guide for details.