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Okta Configuration Guide

Less than 1 minute


Datawiza users have the ability to configure a Identity Provider to power Single Sign On (SSO). This article details how to configure Okta as the primary Identity Provider to facilitate SSO with the Datawiza Access Proxy.

  • Supported features
  • Requirements
  • Configuration steps
  • Notes

Supported features

  • Single Sign-On (OpenID Connect) initiated by Service Provider


  1. Install Datawiza Access Proxy on your server.
  2. Follow the steps outlined below for a complete and successful setup.

Configuration Steps

After installing the application from OIN, you need to obtain some information when you contacting us to configure Single Sign On:

  • Client Id
  • Client Secret
  • Okta Org

Gather information from Okta

  1. On the general information setting page, please make a copy of Client ID and Client secret under the Client Credentials section. You will need these two codes later to build up the connection. Okta Get Client ID
  2. Locate the organization URL in the upper-right corner which takes the form of Save this URL as Okta Org.
    Config Okta in DCMC

Contact Us

Upon collecting all the necessary information, please get in touch with us at Our team will assist you in advancing to the next steps.


If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to